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Welcome to Conway Park at Lake Forest

Conway Park at Lake Forest designed and developed by Field Partners in the early 1990s, has become the home to some of America's finest corporations and is considered one of the premier suburban office parks in the Midwest.

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Find sorted lists of the companies that reside in Conway Park.

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Conway Park denizens can find out everything they need to know to get around the area. Links to traffic, transportation, and latest construction updates.

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Conway Park currently offers land for sale or lease and class A office space for lease. Strategically located at I-94 and Route 60, Town Line Rd.

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Commuter Corner

Last Updated January 9, 2020

Attention Telegraph Road Train Station Morning Riders!

The City of Lake Forest has received notification from Metra about safety concerns regarding weekday inbound trains to Chicago from Lake Forest at 7:41 a.m. and 7:48 a.m. Please note that the 7:41 a.m. train departs the station on the east track and the 7:48 a.m. train departs the station on the west track. The use of the two different tracks has proven to be confusing for riders, and is causing concern for passenger safety.

"Metra Train crews are reporting that the majority of crossing violations and close calls occur as Train 2120, which departs from the Lake Forest Station at 7:41 a.m., approaches the station. Train 2120 boards from Track 1 (on the east), opposite the depot, and is the only morning departure to do so, which may be leading some of our riders to wait until the last minute to cross to the correct platform. Please listen to platform announcements and cross to the correct platform well in advance of the train's departure time. Please DO NOT wait until just before departure and attempt to cross the tracks after the grade crossing protections have activated. Your safety is Metra's number one priority. Some of our passengers are regularly crossing the tracks when the lights and bells are activated. This practice is not only dangerous, it is against the law and subject to fines."

Please listen to announcements over the Station's PA system and read signage to help avoid any confusion. Lake Forest Police Department officers will also be on site monitoring the station.


Public-private partnership to pilot Lake County
reverse-commute service begin March 4, 2019

A two-year reverse-commute pilot project funded by a public-private partnership between Metra and Lake County businesses and governments will begin on March 4 on the Milwaukee District North Line, Metra announced today. The first phase of the new schedule, which accompanies this release, will change slightly in a second phase pending an agreement with Canadian Pacific (CP), which is anticipated soon.

We hope that you will consider using this service, as ridership will determine the long-term viability of this new schedule.

Metra and Lake County Partners, an economic development corporation affiliated with Lake County businesses and governments, worked together to investigate the viability of increased service and propose a pilot project. The groups will evenly split the $1.4 million cost of operating one new reverse-commute train in each rush period as part of a two-year demonstration project. They also will work on a definitive agreement to divide the $4.75 million cost of installing universal crossovers near Lake Forest, with the partners contributing $2.75 million, Metra contributing $1 million and local governments contributing $1 million.
Click Here for the full announcement
or Click Here for Metra web site announcement.


New West Lake Forest Train Depot Pickup Area

We are pleased to announce that the City of Lake Forest is making improvements to the West Lake Forest Train Depot. These improvements include a new bus parking area to be located immediately adjacent to the loading platform on the south side of the station. Click here to view a map.

Contractors are in the process of completing new striping and lane configurations: We expect this new bus staging area to be ready by the week of November 27th. A more detailed site map is forthcoming.

New Schedule for Conway Park Shuttle Bus Service

Effective January 3, the BPTC is implementing minor changes to the shuttle bus schedule servicing the east and west Lake Forest METRA stations.
Most notable change is that our buses, operated by Olson Transportation, will no longer carry Abbott employees or stop at 675 Field Drive. The schedule has been adjusted to account for this change, as well as consolidating the last run of the day to one bus.

More details will be coming soon.

Click Here to view the revised schedule.

The shuttle operates to take Conway Park & Landmark office employees to and from the two METRA stations serving Lake Forest. The shuttle is free to all employees of employer companies that participate in funding the service. If you are not sure if the service is available to you, please check with your employer. Riders must present and scan a pass each time they board a bus. Individual passes are not available.

Click here to download a copy of the shuttle bus policy.

  1. Bus Pass is required for riding the bus and must be scanned each time a rider boards the bus.

  2. If a rider has forgotten or misplaced their pass, they must present a business card to the driver and fill out a card provided by the driver. This card can also be downloaded in advance by going to the following internet location.

  3. New or visiting employees, as well as consultants, need to ask for a pass at their building’s reception desk, or contact their HR department.

  4. If a rider refuses to cooperate with the foregoing, Olson Transportation should contact the BPTC, who will take the actions necessary to identify the individual and the company with which they are affiliated. The BPTC will then communicate with the BPTC coordinator at the rider's employer so that they can address the matter internally.

The BPTC Shuttle bus service is a service paid for by the participating businesses in the Conway Park and Opus Landmark office parks, and the passes are the employers' tool for evaluating the efficacy of the program. Scanning of cards helps ensure that the service is thoroughly evaluated to determine if it is necessary and viable.

If you are interested in riding the shuttle and work in either the Conway Park or Opus Landmark office park, please contact your HR department.







Business Partners Transportation Committee

Click Here to read about the forming and actions of the committee


Internet Connectivity Now Available at East Side Train Station.

Lake Forest WIFI




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