one of the premier suburban office parks in the Midwest.

Welcome to Conway Park

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Welcome to Conway Park at Lake Forest

Conway Park at Lake Forest designed and developed by Field Partners in the early 1990s, has become the home to some of America's finest corporations and is considered one of the premier suburban office parks in the Midwest.

Who's Here

Find sorted lists of the companies that reside in Conway Park.

Commuter Corner

Conway Park denizens can find out everything they need to know to get around the area. Links to traffic, transportation, and latest construction updates.

Space Available

Conway Park currently offers land for sale or lease and class A office space for lease. Strategically located at I-94 and Route 60, Town Line Road

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Conway Park Says Final Farewell to the Tollway Access Road

Demolition of the Temporary Access Road (TAR) located at the north end of Field Drive in Conway Park will begin on Monday, November 18.


Installed at the expense of the Conway Park businesses, the TAR opened Jan. 17 2008, providing their employees an end-run around the construction bottleneck caused by the rebuilding of Illinois Highway 60 bridge over the Tri-State Tollway, and remained open for approximately 18 months until the bridge work was completed.

The roadway was wildly successful, with 600 vehicles using the access road within three hours of its opening. Over 1500 cars per day used the TAR, which exceeded the original estimate of 1100-1200 cars per day.

Although numerous attempts were made to keep the TAR in place and functioning as an emergency exit from the Park, approvals from the Tollway Authority were unobtainable. The roadway must now be removed and therefore contractors will be enforcing a prohibition of pedestrian access via roadway to the Rt. 60 Oasis. Please advise your employees accordingly.



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